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Sharing Custom Fighters

In the Sandbox Mode in Ironlights, you can create your own custom AI fighters, which you can then share with others. There is currently no in-game method for uploading or downloading custom fighters. You can find other Ironlights fans on the community Discord server if you want to share your creations or to find fighters created by others. These instructions will tell you how to export and import these fighters:

First, whether your want to import or export a custom fighter, you'll need to manually access the right folders. The method depends on whether you're using the Oculus Quest or a PC VR platform:

Oculus Quest:

  1. Plug in your Quest to a PC with a USB-C cable. (More detail)

  2. Put on your Quest. If a prompt appears asking for access for the PC, accept it.

  3. Open your File Explorer and find the Quest (under 'Devices and drives').

  4. Navigate to:
    'Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.emcneill.Ironlights\files


  1. Open your File Explorer and change your settings so you can view hidden folders.

  2. Navigate to: 'C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\LocalLow\E McNeill\Ironlights'


In the Sandbox Mode, create a new fighter, and then record animations until you've recorded the minimum number for each move type. Once you're ready (when all the move types are colored green), you'll see an "Export Fighter" button. Click that!

After following the instructions above to access the Ironlights data folders, open the folder called "EXPORTED_FIGHTERS". Your fighter will show up as a .zip file in that folder. Move the .zip file to your desktop to copy it from the Quest to your PC. You can now share this file for others to import!


On a PC, download the .zip file for the fighter you want to import. Then follow the instructions above to access the Ironlights data folder. Drag the .zip file into the folder called "PUT_ZIPS_HERE_TO_IMPORT".

Then, restart Ironlights. The fighter you imported should appear in the Sandbox Mode menu!

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