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Beta Update 0.32-0.34

Woah, a dev blog! I should write here more often!

Before we get to the changelog, I just want to say once more: thank you. I've never had a community of players engage with my games like this before, and it feels amazing. I love the livestreams, the GIFs, the discussions, the competitions, all of it! The fact that you're reading this right now honestly means so much to me. :)

[EDIT: The kind testers on Discord found a few critical bugs, so I pushed a hotfix to fix some of those! The latest version should now be 0.33 on PC and 0.34 on Quest.)

Without further ado, I present Ironlights v0.32!


- Replays have been made more accurate. (Sadly, this required us to wipe previous replay files. Very sorry about that!)

- Damage numbers can now be toggled on/off in the Options menu. As an experiment, they are turned off by default in this version.

- Both players must now select Rematch before a multiplayer rematch can occur.

- When searching for a Quickmatch, the total number of people currently playing online quickmatches is shown.


- Attempted a fix for the failure-to-sync bug, which caused extremely laggy gameplay in some multiplayer matches.

- Menus should no longer remain open after joining a multiplayer match from single-player.

- Fixed an issue that caused one or both players to remain stuck in the multiplayer menu instead of loading into the match.

- You no longer lose coins after losing a multiplayer match.

- You can no longer become invulnerable or get infinite energy by joining a multiplayer match from the tutorial.


- Ranged attacks are now totally disabled during melee attacks.

- Passive energy regeneration is slightly faster.

- Charging up energy now incurs a slightly larger vulnerability cost.

- The movement radius for each player has been reduced to an oval (1m x 0.75m), further limiting forward and backward movement.

- When leaving the allowed movement radius, damage now scales up with distance.

- Players will now also take damage for moving very high or very low.

- Monk AIs will are now able to block ranged attacks.

- Damage particles have been made more chonky.



- Spammy stabby attacks have been made less viable. (They're slower, and there is now a minimum distance that you must pull back the sword to reload it.)

- Increased the grab radius for a two-handed grip on the greatsword.

- Slightly increased greatsword swing speed (and slightly decreased damage multiplier to compensate).

- Made it harder to fire short spammy ranged attacks with the greatsword.


- Spammy stabby attacks have been made less viable. (Same as above.)

- Slightly increased rapier swing speed.

- Slightly decreased rapier ranged attack damage.

- Reduced shield health and made shield regenerate linearly (instead of following an asymptotic curve).


- Slightly decreased staff melee damage.

- Slightly decreased staff ranged projectile speed / damage.

- Passing the staff through your body will now cause the staff to slow down dramatically.


- Slightly increased katar melee damage.

- Increased katar ranged projectile speed, especially after charging it up.


- Reworked flail physics to feel tighter.

- Flail ranged attacks now break if they hit the floor.

- Flail ranged attacks now seek toward a wider target area.

- Reduced shield health and made shield regenerate linearly.


Unfortunately, our schedule is tight in the next few weeks, so don't get used to seeing a new build every few days! Some of our time will need to be spent on Oculus QA requirements, but even more daunting is our upcoming showing at PAX East! There's a lot to prepare, and there's not much time to do it.

With that said, we already have a pretty long list of things that we want to tweak or add in future beta updates. Just to mention a few:

- A handicapping system (so that new players to enjoy a fair fight against the experts in multiplayer)

- Multiplayer skill-tracking

- A "tips" section in the menu to help explain non-obvious game mechanics that aren't explained in the tutorial

- A recenter button for non-Quest users

- Revamping the AI blocking algorithm

- Lots of other AI tweaks

- Adding new AI characters and rearranging the single-player campaign

- Making a proper list of known issues

- Making a proper list of post-launch update plans

- Proofreading this blog post

There's a lot more I could write, but it's 3am and I still have work to do. I hope you like these changes, and please join us on Discord or Reddit to share your thoughts on the new build!

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