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Beta Update 0.42

[Edit: Build 0.37 had a bad bug, so I just released 0.42 as a fixed version. The changelog below is still accurate relative to the previous build, 0.34.]

So far, the quality of discussion, amount of enthusiasm, and overall helpfulness of the Ironlights beta community has been amazing. I didn't expect it, and I don't take it for granted! I want to deliver something great in return, and I've been working (and working, and working...) to get this game to a the level that you guys deserve. Thanks for all your help (and your patience) along the way. :)

This build features some big balance adjustments (including nerfing the Knight and buffing the Crusader), and I'm eager to hear your feedback on that. Even more importantly, it includes several bug fixes aimed at matchmaking and multiplayer reliability.

Unfortunately, I discovered a bug that I haven't been able to fix yet. Sometimes, when starting up the multiplayer stuff, a few key elements will silently fail to initialize. So far, I can't tell why it happens some times and not others. I added some code to detect when this Mysterious Network Error happens and then force the game to restart (which is, sadly, the only solution right now). It's a pain, but at least it means that when the error doesn't occur, it should be much more reliable.

We'll be addressing that bug, as well as making headway on our ever-growing backlog of new features and improvements. But PAX East starts soon, and Geoff and I will be 100% focused on that for the next week and a half. Once we get back, the focus will be back to fixing bugs and adding some of those experimental features you've been requesting. For now, though, I hope this update will keep things fun while we're gone!

Here's the details:

BUG FIXES: - Increased multiplayer timeout duration to 60 seconds to comply with Oculus requirements. (If your opponent freezes and won't take damage, this might what's going on. I intend to communicate what's happening better in the future.) - Fixed gripping of distant weapons (hands no longer seem to teleport). - Lots of improvements to multiplayer matchmaking reliability. - Reduced camera jitter in replays. - Fixed damage number bug in replays. - Fixed issue causing the Knight’s greatsword to have oversized hitboxes. - Fixed issue causing the Crusader’s ranged attack to fire without any forward momentum. - Fixed UI pointer draw order sorting issues.

- Lots of other tiny polish fixes.

GAMEPLAY: - Slightly expanded the size and dimensions of the movement boundary (“ouchy ring”) and made it so that the player will not instantly take damage when moving outside it. - Made it slightly harder to shoot ranged attacks during melee attacks. - Increased difficulty of minions in Silver and Gold league exhibition matches.


Knight: - Very slightly reduced the two-handed speed of the greatsword. - Reduced greatsword damage.

Duelist: - No changes.

Monk: - Very slightly reduced the power of the body slowdown effect

Ninja: - Changed formula controlling ranged attack chargeup, resulting in weaker initial shots but stronger charged shots.

Crusader: - Increased flail damage. - Slightly increased speed of flail ranged attacks. - Pushed melee attack distance to be slightly closer to opponent.

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