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Beta Version 0.58 - The "Stop Hitting Yourself" Update

It's been too long! Geoff and I have been crazy busy with showing off Ironlights at PAX East and with fixing things up to prepare for launch. But it's time to share some of that work with you! There are some interesting gameplay changes, including an experimental new "stop hitting yourself" rule and a way for the Crusader and Duelist to quickly recharge their shields.

Please note: You may need to reinstall Ironlights to get this update. Some people have reported that they had to go into the Oculus Store and search for Ironlights in order to find it! I think this is related to the fact that Ironlights recently became visible in the Store. Please let me know if you have trouble getting the update.

Here's a list of what's changed:

FEATURES: - You can now export High Quality Videos from the Replay menu (i.e. high-resolution clips of any length), though these will not be uploaded as GIFs. You’ll need to retrieve the videos manually if you record this way! This is an option intended for YouTubers and other content creators. - New performance and recentering options for Rift and SteamVR versions. - Faster Quickmatch matchmaking (i.e. less time spent on "Searching for a match..." before switching to hosting). - Adjusted input system to accommodate Windows Mixed Reality input (untested).

BUG FIXES: - Improved replay smoothness and accuracy. - Improved multiplayer smoothness. - Fixed several progression blocking bugs in the tutorial. - Reduced frequency of AI grip state errors. - Disabled rare Knight ranged attack exploit. - Many other minor bug fixes.

GAMEPLAY: - Hitting yourself with any weapon will now incur a small penalty to your energy. - If you are charging up while you have a damaged shield, you will incur extra vulnerability, but your shield will be regenerated faster. - Adjusted damage algorithm to reduce the importance of weapon hit speed. (This will have complicated effects, but it generally reduces the variability of damage across melee hits, which may advantage newer players and/or improve thrusting attacks.) - Slightly raised the minimum height boundary, and slightly decreased the time between moving outside the boundary and taking damage.

BALANCE: - Slightly decreased Duelist melee damage. - Slightly increased Duelist ranged attack energy cost. - Removed the Monk's slowdown effect when the staff passes through your body. - Slightly increased minimum distance that the Ninja’s katars must be pulled back to restore them after shattering. - Tweaked Crusader’s ranged attack speed and damage.

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