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Hotfix & Future Multiplayer Plans

We've just pushed out update v68, a minor hotfix patch to The First Update. This primarily fixes a bug with the multiplayer ranking system. Basically, in certain situations the risk/reward numbers were getting swapped. Normally, when a low-ranked player loses to a high-ranked player, we don't want to penalize them too much, since the loss was "expected". Instead, this bug was causing them to get punished even more than normal! So, you should expect to be able to progress through the ranks in multiplayer MUCH easier now. :)

Still, there's a lot more we want to do with the multiplayer systems, and the biggest focus of our next update is going to be expanding those features. Specifically, we're planning to introduce:

- A filter option to allow you to only match against players within a certain skill range.

- Best-of-3 matches, where the loser of each round can ban a class (preventing their opponent from picking that class in future rounds).

- An optional ranked mode that will give a damage bonus to the lower-ranked player (but offer a higher reward to the higher-ranked player, allowing them to more easily rank up).

- A separate Casual quickmatch mode, for people who just want to get some practice.

There will be a lot of other goodies in the next update too, but these multiplayer features will be the core of it!

However: we're still recovering from the sprint to launch and that big first update, so it's definitely going to take some time to get this right! My goal is to eventually start issuing updates on a monthly basis (roughly), but I'm truly not sure how long this one will take. In the meantime, see where you can get with the new multiplayer ranking system, and keep sharing your feedback and ideas!

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