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The Champion Update

It's time for our second major update! The Champion Update is now live, and it includes a ton of new features that Ironlights fans have been clamoring for!

Multiplayer and community features were a big focus in this update, so be sure to join the Discord and the subreddit! The Ironlights community has been running tournaments and contests, setting up trainees with mentors, and helping to determine the future direction of Ironlights. We'll be continuing to expand Ironlights over the coming months; we've already posted some of our future plans, and in our next update you can expect to see the first new class added to the game! But for now, let's take a look at all the new stuff you can find in Ironlights today.

Here's what's new:


  • New Multiplayer Modes

  • Standard - Single-round duels (ranked)

  • Best-of-3 - Loser of each round can ban a class (ranked)

  • Casual - Single-round duels (unranked)

  • Balanced - Lower-ranked player gets a damage bonus (unranked)

  • New Matchmaking Filters

  • Ranked modes automatically filter for closely-ranked opponents

  • Optionally, you can make the rank filter more strict

  • Optional Region filter (only nearby opponents, hopefully lower ping)

  • New menu UI so you can easily see how many online players fit in your filters

  • Unlockable Cosmetics

  • Spend coins to unlock cosmetic options in the Armory

  • 2 new Metal options (Gunmetal, Obsidian)

  • 3 new Accent options (Yellow, Teal, Fuschia)

  • Plus, one new Metal option available for $0.99 as an in-app purchase (Alabaster)

  • Training Mode

  • Train your skills against an easy, medium, or hard AI opponent of any class

  • Control when the AI attacks (and whether it’s ranged or melee)

  • Optional “forced slo-mo”, so you have time to get a feel for your weapon

  • Custom Multiplayer Games

  • All private multiplayer matches now offer a variety of options:

  • Time scale adjustments (e.g. turn off slo-mo if you want)

  • Dimensions of the movement boundary

  • Bonuses to damage and/or energy regen for either player

  • Melee-only, ranged-only, and unlimited-energy modes

  • Two-sided combat mode (i.e. the defender can damage the attacker)

  • Oculus Platform Integration (Rift/Quest only)

  • Leaderboards (see Oculus Scoreboard app on Quest)

  • Achievements

  • Various other social / matchmaking features

  • Miscellaneous:

  • Added & improved several sound effects

  • Replaced the “ready room” with an outdoor dome

  • Shortened intro sequence for rematches

  • New players will be automatically sent to the Tutorial on first startup

  • Added “Confirm” button for selecting your class in multiplayer matches

  • Added a new AI opponent to the Campaign (“Mr. Lione”, created by a Kickstarter backer)

  • Minor cosmetic & difficulty adjustments to other Campaign opponents

  • Added link to the Ironlights Discord in the GIF email


  • Knight

  • Adjusted melee “reload” settings to be slightly easier to reload with rotation (swinging) rather than pure positional movements (stabbing)

  • Duelist

  • Rapid-fire ranged attacks now gradually decrease in damage (to a minimum of 50%)

  • Adjusted melee damage formula to reduce value of abnormally high hit speeds (affects all classes, but most noticeable on Duelist)

  • Monk

  • Slightly adjusted positional physics and melee “reload” settings to prevent rare exploit

  • Very slightly increased max speed of ranged attack projectiles

  • Slightly increased Staff melee damage

  • Added extra Monk-only collision volume, and increased energy cost of self-hits to further disincentivize “bandage wrapping” attacks (spinning the staff through yourself)

  • Reduced max pull distance of ranged attacks, allowing easier max-speed shots

  • Slightly reduced ranged attack damage

  • Ninja

  • Significantly revamped Katar positional physics to be looser yet more responsive

  • Adjusted melee “reload” settings to be slightly easier to reload with rotation (swinging) rather than pure positional movements (stabbing)

  • Significantly revamped ranged attacks, making charging up far more effective

  • Added laser pointers to show target when charging up ranged attacks

  • Crusader

  • Made enemy flails easier to see when underground

  • Slightly increased Flail melee damage

  • When defending, blocking weapons with the Flail will now slightly recharge your shield


  • Improved collision detection on projectiles to prevent erroneous hits

  • Better handling of temporary system pauses during multiplayer matches

  • Removed several multiplayer exploits involving pausing or disconnecting

  • Enabled sound recording for HQ replays

  • Improved replays for multiplayer matches

  • Replays should no longer stutter when playing the intro sequence

  • Fixed bug causing players to get stuck inside a helmet when leaving a Replay

  • Fixed minor shader rendering issues affecting the fighting platform on Quest

  • Upgraded multiplayer middleware (Photon Bolt) to latest version

  • Fixed bug that allowed the Ninja to fire ranged attacks with no energy

  • Improved network efficiency of Knight ranged attacks to combat lag

  • Replaced skill rating (“trophies”) with league in multiplayer Armory

  • Fixed minor bug affecting Options menu on PC

  • Fixed incorrect music looping when paused

  • Slightly sharpened text in some menus

  • Fixed various other minor cosmetic bugs

  • Fixed issue causing artificial cap on Ninja ranked attack damage

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