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v81 Netcode Update

We just pushed a minor update with some subtle yet important changes! This isn't nearly as big as the recent Champion Update, so check that post if you missed it, but the humble v81 update has some nice improvements. :)

The focus here was primarily on improving the multiplayer experience. Here's what changed:


  • Better Netcode

  • Major improvements to networking code and lag compensation

  • All multiplayer matches should feature significantly less lag


  • Knight

  • No change

  • Duelist

  • Very slightly reduced Rapier melee damage

  • Reduced buckler max health and regen rate

  • Monk

  • Very slightly increased Staff melee damage

  • Ninja

  • No change

  • Crusader

  • Very slightly reduced Flail melee damage


  • Fixed early timeouts when attempting indirect Quickmatch connections

  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused defender's sword to break incorrectly in multiplayer

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