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The Scythe Update

Our first new class is available now! The Reaper is a swift and deadly fighter who wields a grim, heavy scythe. There were a bunch of other new features as well, including first-person GIFs, voice chat, and new cosmetics.

We've also got some big news coming outside of the game itself: soon we'll be introducing official Ironlights tournaments with cash prizes! You can expect to hear more about it soon, so join the Discord or the subreddit to keep up to date. Without further ado, here's the full list of what's new in The Scythe Update:


  • New class: the scythe-wielding Reaper

  • 6 new Reaper opponents in the single-player campaigns

  • Voice chat now available for multiplayer games (Quest/Rift only)

  • 2 new helms added to the Armory

  • Added first-person camera mode for GIFs


  • Knight

  • Adjusted melee “reload” settings to be slightly less dependent on rotational changes (partially reverting previous changes)

  • Duelist

  • No change

  • Monk

  • Very slightly reduced Staff melee damage

  • Ninja

  • Slightly reduced ranged attack energy cost (and ongoing charge-up cost)

  • Slightly increased Katar melee damage

  • Crusader

  • Very slightly reduced Shield health and regeneration

  • Slightly reduced ranged attack damage

  • Reduced amount of shield health regained from blocking with flail

  • Reaper

  • First appearance


  • Added safeguards to prevent issue in which players ended up with negative coins

  • Fixed issue preventing first-time players from reaching the main menu

  • Fixed bug causing players to get stuck in a Network Error loop when retrieving match info

  • Fixed private match settings menu sometimes staying up after quitting to main menu

  • Fixed bug causing Monk opponents in Training mode to defend with the wrong hand

  • Fixed rare issue causing tutorial slow-mo to be maintained in menus

  • Polished death slowdowns in Replays

  • Changed display of Replays to better show the timing of melee attacks

  • Fixed bug causing Training opponents to eventually refuse to defend against ranged attacks

  • Fixed bug causing the hitbox of the Crusader’s shield to be invisibly offset slightly towards or away from the hand holding it.

  • Fixed bug that prevented one of the shoulders of the Avian armor to shatter properly on death

  • Moved upper movement boundary 0.15m higher

  • Added Recenter button to Campaign class select menu for PC versions

  • Increased maximum damage bonuses in Balanced multiplayer matches

  • Fixed major Replay desync bug

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