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v97 Showoff Update

8/13 UPDATE: We've just followed up v96 with v97, including a few more fixes and tweaks:

- Reaper: Slightly reduced Scythe melee damage

- Duelist: Further adjusted rapier reload properties to reduce stab spam

- Knight: Slightly reduced minimum required pullback distance to allow for more consistent-feeling reloads

- Crusader: Very slightly increased flail melee damage

- Adjusted matchmaking constraints to make it easier for high-ranked players to find casual matches

- Fixed minor issues affecting the spectator client.


We've just sent out a new Preview Test Build for a new minor update! As always, if you want to help us test it, please join the Discord and see the #preview-test-build channel.

We've got two fancy new features to share. One of them is an expansion of our PC spectator client: you can now spectate your public multiplayer matches, which should be great for streaming your matches on Twitch!

We're also introducing a way to show off in-game: the Community GIF Theater. You can now watch select GIFs created by the Ironlights community while you're waiting for multiplayer matches (or from the main menu, if you just wanna sit back and binge them all)!

We hope to expand the selection of GIFs, so please send us links to your favorites!

Here's the full changelog:


  • Community GIFs are now viewable in-game

  • Click on the preview in the main menu or when searching for a match to watch!

  • Submit new GIFs by sending the link to me (@EMcNeill) on the Ironlights Discord

  • Spectator client improvements

  • You can now spectate your public matches (just enter a private game tag before Quickmatching, then enter that same tag into the spectator client).

  • Download the spectator client here.

  • Multiplayer system adjustments

  • Changed matchmaking skill ranges to be more strict for lower leagues in casual modes, but more permissive for higher leagues in ranked modes (to encourage more high-skill players to play ranked modes)

  • Increased coin rewards for ranked modes

  • Increased damage bonuses in Balanced mode

  • Made it slightly easier for low-ranked players to rank up


  • Knight

  • Reworked greatsword physics by adding a speed cap to prevent certain exploits, but also making it easier to control.

  • Duelist

  • Slightly adjusted rapier melee "reload" settings to prefer swinging over stabbing.

  • Very slightly increased rapier melee damage to compensate.

  • Monk

  • Adjusted staff physics: you will now have slightly better control when holding the staff with two hands rather than just one.

  • Ninja

  • No change

  • Crusader

  • Slightly increased max shield health and shield regeneration from flail blocks (partially reverting previous changes)

  • Reaper

  • Adjusted scythe "reload" settings to require you to pull back slightly further

  • Increased speed of ranged attack projectiles

  • Decreased energy cost of ranged attack

  • Lengthened the "shield bar" (but did not increase total shield health)


  • Adjusted prices of cosmetics

  • Improved analytics to assist with future balance adjustments

  • Underlined text entry fields (e.g. private tag text) to show whitespace characters

  • Reduced resolution of recorded GIF videos to allow for faster upload / encoding

  • Added message to GIF recording process to let you know when it's safe to leave the replay menu (i.e. you can leave during the encoding step)

  • Fixed bug in which weapons sometimes didn't get properly restored when seeking through a replay.

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