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The Katana Update

The Katana Update is now live! Download it now to check out our new class, the Samurai, as well as a ton of new features (detailed below). As always, join the community on the Discord to find opponents, discuss balance, share your GIFs, and give your feedback to the devs.

The full changelog for v104:


  • New Class: Samurai

  • Wields the Katana, a huge yet swift sword that can be used one-handed or two-handed

  • The base of the Katana is reinforced, acting like a shield on defense

  • Swing across your opponent to line up ranged attacks, which then fire in quick succession

  • New Game Mechanic: Injuries

  • Each time you hit an opponent, the area that you hit becomes more "injured"

  • Injured areas take more damage, up to 40% extra damage (after ~8 hits in the same spot)

  • Armor will deform and change color to reflect its injured state

  • New Cosmetics in the Armory

  • 1 new Armor (Mountain Armor)

  • 4 new Helms (Samurai Helm, Guard Helm, Bladed Helm, Viper Mask)

  • 4 new Metals (Platinum, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz)

  • 1 new Accent (Charcoal)

  • New Replay/GIF Features

  • Auto Intro option: start your GIF with a stylish intro shot of each opponent

  • Handheld camera mode: shrink the battle and guide the camera using your controller

  • And More:

  • New "hazy rain" weather stage

  • New menu music track ("Victory")

  • Updated billboards and improved graphics on the stadium

  • Improved IK and limb positioning for all players and AIs (shoulder roll, waist bend, etc)

  • Improved shaders on hands to allow for smoother lighting

  • Rearranged and enhanced class selection menus

  • Added camera flash effects to the stadium crowd in dark stages

  • AI opponents now react physically when hit

  • Updated playlist of community GIFs


  • Duelist

  • Slightly reduced Rapier melee damage

  • Reaper

  • Slightly reduced Scythe melee damage

  • Very slightly reduced max shield health


  • The Training stadium will now change color to properly reflect the player's Accent color

  • Fixed replay bug that caused a slight pause on death in replays of single-player matches

  • Fixed minor Tutorial bug that caused some controller diagrams not to highlight properly

  • Improved animation of death shatter particles, especially in replays.

  • Fixed subtle physics bug that caused weapons to briefly get "stuck" trying to reach waypoints on a curved input paths.

  • Changed boundary system to take body position (not just head position) into account when determining if a player is out-of-bounds

  • Changed boundary system to be slightly more lenient to one-time boundary violations but more punishing to players that go out of bounds frequently

  • Added a dynamic cap on the skill points you can lose in a single multiplayer match

  • Made tutorial opponents start with slightly less health

  • Adjusted crowd lighting in dark stages

  • Fixed performance issue in exhibition matches by switching to sunnier stages

  • Fixed bug causing stadium lights to never turn on in certain replays

  • Fixed bug that allowed the GIF display to stay up during gameplay

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