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v108 Cloud Save Update

We've just launched v108, a minor update that introduces Cloud Saves and a few other improvements. Thanks to all the preview testers on the Discord who helped us test it!

Here's the changelog for v108:


  • Knight

  • Slightly increased Greatsword melee damage

  • Duelist

  • No changes

  • Monk

  • No changes

  • Ninja

  • Very slightly reduced Katar melee damage

  • Very slightly pushed back melee attack distance

  • Slightly increased size and damage of ranged attack projectiles

  • Slightly pushed back melee "reload" threshold, but also reduced minimum required pullback distance to allow for more consistent-feeling reloads.

  • Crusader

  • Very slightly reduced max shield health and shield regen speed

  • Slightly increased amount of shield health regained when blocking with flail

  • Reaper

  • Very slightly reduced Scythe melee damage

  • Slightly increased max shield health and shield regen speed

  • Samurai

  • Slightly increased Katana melee damage

  • Slightly increased max shield health

  • Adjusted shield bars to be easier to better show shield size


  • Added Cloud Save system for Oculus devices

  • Fixed boundary system bug that caused players to register as being 5cm further back than their actual position

  • Slightly shrank size of the shoulder pauldrons on the Avian armor and adjusted hitboxes to be more accurate

  • Attempted fix for rare bug in which the class selection menu would never appear after joining a multiplayer match

  • Fixed bug causing "enter email" text to sometimes remain visible in recorded GIFs

  • Fixed minor rendering and controller rumble bugs for Quest 2

  • Fixed color space issue causing changed colors on original Quest

  • Fixed display of player names on health bars in Replays/GIFs

  • Fixed fog settings on jumbotron sprites

  • Fixed audio bug that caused some sound effects to be skipped

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