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Preview Test Build v119-122

EDIT (12/1): The Hammer Update is now live as build v123! For those who followed the PTB, here's the final changes since v122:

- Knight:

- Slightly increased greatsword's maximum rotational speed

- Slightly increased greatsword's rotational speed when aligned with the blade

- Monk:

- Slightly increased one-handed rotational speed

- Added last-page and first-page shortcut buttons to the Replay selection menu

- Fixed a few typos and localization errors

- Fixed formatting on PC version Options menu

- Adjusted risk/reward settings for Campaign matches

- Fixed bug causing difficulty settings to carry over into Training mode


EDIT (11/30): Version 122 of the PTB is out for Quest (Rift and Steam coming in a moment)! More bug fixes and tweaks, especially to the Berserker and Knight. The Hammer Update will go live tomorrow, so please give your feedback soon! Here's the latest since v120:

- Berserker:

- Changed hammer head appearance

- Slightly decreased warhammer melee damage

- Reworked warhammer defense settings, changing pivot point and physics

- Adjusted waypoints system to reduce crazy motion when moving hands rapidly

- Warhammer now stays in defensive setting until opponent has fully retreated from attack

- Very slightly pushed back melee attack distance

- Knight:

- Reduced "tilt" of reload plane (partial reversion toward default settings)

- Slightly adjusted physics and reload settings to further encourage swinging over stabbing

- Very slightly increased center-of-mass physics effect

- Very slightly increased greatsword melee damage

- Samurai:

- Reduced "tilt" of reload plane (partial reversion toward default settings)

- Added very slight center-of-mass physics effect

- Duelist:

- Reduced "tilt" of reload plane (partial reversion toward default settings)

- Drastically reduced lightning contrast in Thunderstorm weather stage

- Fixed bug that prevented Thunderstorm weather stage from appearing in Multiplayer

- Fixed bug that caused elongated lightning strikes during slow motion

- Increased "dent" damage effects on AI opponents, but decreased them in Training mode

- Fixed bug that caused AIs to continue melee attacks at invalid times

- Fixed off-hand orientation appearance on Monk's staff

- Monk off-hand can no longer switch hand poses when gripping staff

- Fixed shadow bugs affecting hands on Gallant and Carapace armors

- Fixed campaign duel records; Campaign will now track which opponents you've defeated

- Fixed Replay bug caused when player selected Export GIF twice in a row

- Fixed memory leak (likely cause of reported crashes)

- Fixed bug that caused invisible Replay fighters after switching from first-person to handheld mode

- Adjusted Replay handheld camera mode to avoid jerky motion upon hits or death


EDIT (11/28): Version 120 of the PTB is now available! This is a minor update focused on weapon adjustments and balance tweaks. Here's what's changed since v119:

- Berserker:

- Made warhammer shorter and reduced melee attack distance

- Adjusted warhammer handling when defending

- Made reloading more consistent

- Removed self-hit energy penalty

- Reduced slowdown effect from warhammer touching the floor

- Fixed bug that allowed ranged attacks during melee

- Knight:

- Reduced center-of-mass physics effect

- Increased greatsword rotational speed (both one-handed and two-handed)

- Very slightly increased greatsword melee damage

- Very slightly reduced greatsword max speed

- Monk:

- Very slightly reduced staff melee damage

- Slightly pushed back staff reload distance

- Duelist:

- Very slightly reduced minimum reload pullback distance

- B and Y buttons will now affect hand poses

- Fixed bug causing incorrect shadows, especially on hands

- Fixed bug that gave way too much armor to AI opponents on harder difficulty settings

- Fixed bug that prevented players from receiving reward bonuses on harder difficulty settings

- Fixed bug that allowed players to fight duels with AI opponents above their league


We're getting ready to launch the biggest update yet, the Hammer Update, which means it's time for another Preview Test Build (PTB)! Please help us test the build by signing up for the PTB and reporting any bugs or balance issues you find. You can find instructions on the Discord on the "ptb-announcements" channel!

Here's what you can find in the PTB:



- Wield the Warhammer, the heaviest and hardest-hitting weapon ever seen in the arena

- Smash the ground to blast a swarm of ranged attacks at your enemy


- Added 9 new exhibition match bosses with unique weapons

- Added 3 new exhibition match minion types

- Added 6 new Berserker opponents

- Added 6 new Samurai opponents

- Revised Campaign opponents to include new descriptions and new cosmetics

- Added difficulty settings (give bonuses to opponents in exchange for bigger rewards)

- Removed level system and removed coin penalty from losing a match

- You can now challenge any opponent in the league to a duel at any time

- You can now replay exhibition matches after beating them


- Entire game now playable in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean

- Switch languages in the Options menu


- Added new menu to explain advanced gameplay tips

- Explains energy regeneration, vulnerability, shields, and other mechanics


- Hands can now switch between 5 poses: open hand, fist, pointing, thumbs-up, and finger guns

- Added new Thunderstorm weather stage

- Added Lithe Armor to the Armory

- Added Samurai and Berserker opponents to Training mode



- Adjusted reload settings by "tilting the reload plane", making reloads easier when pointing up

- Adjusted physics to tilt sword when handle is moved (simulating more accurate center of mass)

- Slightly adjusted reload settings to discourage stab spam

- Very slightly reduced Greatsword two-handed positional speed

- Very slightly increased Greatsword melee damage


- Adjusted reload settings by "tilting the reload plane", making reloads easier when pointing up

- Slightly adjusted reload settings to discourage stab spam

- Very slightly reduced Rapier melee damage


- Slightly adjusted reload settings to discourage stab spam

- Slightly reduced Staff one-handed rotational speed


- No changes


No changes


- Very slightly reduced Scythe melee damage


- Adjusted reload settings by "tilting the reload plane", making reloads easier when pointing up

- Slightly adjusted reload settings to discourage stab spam

- Very slightly increased Katana melee damage


First appearance


- Fixed bug that potentially caused mis-aligned collision volumes and irregular reloading after hitting an opponent

- Fixed reload bug that potentially made reloading too easy when standing very far forward

- Made AI reloading more forgiving so that old animations won't be broken by recent changes

- Adjusted AI melee defense in an attempt to cure crazy-spinning-hand-syndrome (still very much a work-in-progress, but keep an eye out for new issues or weird AI behavior!)


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