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The Ultimate Update

The Ironlights ULTIMATE UPDATE is now available! This update introduces a new game mode that lets you play with all the hidden weapons in the game and record your own AI fighters! Join us on the community Discord to share your new bots with others and try out what they've made. Plus, it introduces TWO new classes: the DRAGOON and the SCOURGE:

The juicy details:



- Use a swift tri-bladed Glaive, plus a Parrying Dagger for defending

- Throw javelins and daggers for quick ranged attacks


- Wield two whips, capable of fast and tricky attacks and flexible melee defense

- Crack the whip on your opponent for extra damage

- Swing a whip to fling a spinning disc at your enemies


- Try out any of the weapons in Ironlights, including those usually reserved for Campaign enemies!

- Record animations to create your own new fighter

- Export your fighter to share with others, and import bots created by others

- Check out 2 new... "experimental" weapons

- Custom weapon selection also available in private multiplayer games


- 7 new AI opponents in the Campaigns

- 3 new Helms available in the Armory: Great Helm, Phrygian Helm, and Dragon Helm

- 4 new Metals available in the Armory: Amethyst, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, and Pearl

- 1 new Accent available in the Armory: Lime



- Adjusted rotational physics to be slightly looser, with slower acceleration to top speed


- Very slightly increased Buckler regeneration rate


- Slightly increased energy cost of bow-and-arrow ranged attacks

- Increased energy penalty for self-hits


- Very slightly loosened Katar rotational physics when aligned with the edge of the blade


- Slightly increased maximum possible speed of ranged attacks and adjusted size of projectiles

- Slightly increased amount of shield health regenerated by blocking with the Flail


- Very slightly reduced the size of the Scythe blade

- Slightly reduced shield bar regeneration rate

- Very slightly increased rotational drag when not aligned with the blade


- Slightly reduced shield bar regeneration rate and max health


- Increased damage of Warhammer head hitbox by 50%

- Decreased damage of Warhammer shaft hitbox by 50%

- Moved default hand position slightly downwards (5cm)

- Pushed back melee attack distance slightly (5cm)

- Increased speed of ranged attack projectiles


First appearance


First appearance


- Added “Square Video” option for recording GIFs from replays

- Added check to prevent weapons from doing damage when reloading inside a target

- Enabled unlimited energy in Training Mode

- Made “Slow Blocks” in replays less abrupt

- Minor adjustment to particle force effects when a fighter dies from a projectile

- Attempted to make death slowdowns during replays trigger more consistently

- Made multiplayer timeout detection more sensitive to prevent intentional exploits

- Adjusted pause handling in multiplayer to avoid some unintentinal gameplay interruptions

- Added text in pre-match menu to clarify which matches are ranked or unranked

- Fixed a minor coloring bug on the Rapier blade

- Fixed incorrect controller rumbles for certain weapons

- AI opponents will now play a Taunt animation after defeating the player

- Fixed minor cosmetic bug involving chargeup particles in replays when using handheld mode

- Added check to prevent rare bug in which player can die and lose rank when watching a replay

- Fixed Champion Helm to properly change accent color in the Armory

- Enhanced death shatter effects for several weapons

- Attempted fix for choppiness in replays when killing the opponent at the start of a melee attack


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