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v124 Update Notes

We've just pushed our next minor update! We're still collecting feedback on the changes, so please join us on the Ironlights Discord to share your thoughts!

This update focuses on improving the AI melee defense in the single-player campaign, as well as a bunch of balance adjustments and bug fixes. The details:



- Bots are now capable of anticipating the direction of incoming attacks more accurately

- Bots will now react to repeated strikes in the same area, adjusting their defense to adapt

- Bots will now reload their weapons in a slightly more natural way

- Bots are slightly less able to extend their arms to weird distances

- Samurai, Monk, and Berserker melee blocking is now more accurate in general

- Off-hand shields will now be more naturally oriented

- Added randomized offsets and "reaction time" delay to make low-level AIs fail more naturally

- Slightly reduced bizarre hand spins and other wibbly-wobbly nonsense

- Adjusted overall melee defense skill/difficulty of all AI opponents



- Significantly reduced the Greatsword's "center-of-mass" physics effect

- Very slightly increased Greatsword max rotational speed

- Adjusted Greatsword positional physics in various subtle ways to allow for more natural swings

- Very slightly reduced Greatsword angular drag and acceleration for a slightly "looser" feel

- Slightly reduced energy cost of ranged attacks


- Fixed bug that allowed players to shoot multiple ranged attacks at once


- Fixed bug that allowed ranged attacks to be fired at incorrect angles

- Very slightly reduced Staff melee damage


- Increased length of Katars by 10cm, and pushed back melee attack distance by the same amount

- Very slightly increased ranged attack damage


- Slightly increased amount of shield health regenerated by blocking with the Flail


- Slightly reduced Scythe melee attack damage

- Slightly reduced energy cost of ranged attacks


- Significantly reduced the Katana's "center-of-mass" physics effect.

- Adjusted Katana positional physics in various subtle ways to allow for more natural swings

- Slightly increased maximum shield health and regeneration rate

- Very slightly increased Katana melee damage

- Very slightly increased speed of ranged attack projectiles

- Very slightly reduced energy cost of ranged attacks


- Decreased Warhammer melee damage

- Slightly decreased Warhammer maximum rotational speed

- Added a newly-modified self-hit energy drain

- Added new system to slow down rotational speed when repeated spinning ("windmilling", "bandage wrapping") is detected


- Added rudimentary system for banning players from public Multiplayer games

- Fixed idle animations for Reaper, Samurai, and Berserker bots in Training mode

- Berserker ranged attacks will now properly target the nearest opponent in Campaign matches

- Bladed Helm will now properly display injury effects

- Disabling melee attacks in custom multiplayer games will no longer carry over into Training mode

- Fixed bug causing incorrect hand shadows on Shogun armor

- Fixed bug causing glitchy appearance of hands when gripping the Staff in replays

- Fixed bug causing incorrect camera angles on GIF auto-intros

- Fixed rare bug that could cause the player's skill to be display incorrectly in Campaign mode

- Weapon "swishing" sounds will now be silenced when the game is paused

- Added check to ensure that chargeup sounds will top when player returns to the main menu

- The game can no longer be paused in Training mode

- Fixed missing menu icon for the Tutorial boss


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