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v128 Update Notes

The latest minor update, v128, is now available! Thanks to everyone who helped test the PTB. :)

As always, please leave feedback on the Ironlights Discord so we know how the update is working for you! Here's the details on everything that changed:



- 5 new opponents are now available in the Gold League of the Campaign

- Each of these new challengers was recorded by one of our tournament champions!



- Slightly increased Greatsword edge alignment ("cutting the air") physics bonus

- Slightly decreased Greatsword general rotation speed to compensate

- Loosened Greatsword positional physics very slightly


- Very slightly reduced Rapier melee damage

- Pushed back Rapier "reload plane" to make reloads slightly harder


- Slightly reduced Staff one-handed rotational speed and drag to produce "looser" physics

- Pushed back Staff "reload plane" to make reloads slightly harder and rotation-dependent


- Pushed back melee attack distance very slightly (5cm)


- Made the Shield 10% taller


- Very slightly reduced the max health and regen rate of the Scythe shield bars


- Greatly increased Katana edge alignment ("cutting the air") physics bonus

- Decreased Katana general rotation speed to compensate

- Slightly loosened Katana one-handed positional physics

- Added very gradual anti-"windmill" slowdown effect to Katana


- Very slightly increased Warhammer melee damage

- Very slightly increased Warhammer maximum rotational speed

- Improved Warhammer handling on defense

- Removed "grip breaking" mechanic (which broke two-handed grip when hands were mis-aligned)


- Attempted to fix Scythe ranged attack particles sometimes being invisible in multiplayer games

- Fixed bug that caused damage particles to be far too large on Oculus Quest 2

- Added "Reduced Particles" option in the Options menu to allow fewer/smaller particles

- Added background to email entry in the Replay menu

- Tweaked AI defensive responses to tone down some weird behaviors

- Fixed bug causing the Warhammer defensive grip to adjust in the wrong direction in Replays

- After playing the tutorial for the first time, game will now quit to main menu instead of Campaign

- Fixed bug that prevented Champion-ranked players from receiving the relevant Achievement

- Added a backend system to allow devs to put players into a custom matchmaking pool (for events)

- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the voice chat status to be incorrectly hidden

- Fixed Campaign bug that made all tournaments include the hardest opponents in the league


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