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v145 Update Notes

The latest minor update (v145) has now launched! Here's what's changed:



- Added slight "anti-windmill" drag to slow down continuous spinning attacks

- Very slightly reduced Greatsword melee damage


- Very slightly reduced Rapier melee damage


- Very slightly reduced bow-and-arrow ranged attack damage


- Reduced energy cost of charging up ranged attacks


- Slightly loosened Heater Shield physics, allowing faster top speed

- Reduced ranged attack damage

- Very slightly increased Flail melee damage


- Very slightly reduced maximum health of Scythe shield bar

- Loosened non-rotational physics on the Scythe


- Adjusted two-handed positioning to slightly reduce wobbly “reacharound” motion


- No changes


- Drastically increased energy cost of Glaive ranged attacks

- Reduced damage of Parrying Dagger and Glaive ranged attacks

- Slightly reduced Glaive melee damage

- Slightly reduced Parrying Dagger non-rotational movement speed


- Drastically reduced whipcrack bonus damage

- Slightly increased base Whip melee damage

- Slightly lengthened Whip handle (no change to total whip length or physics)


- Added the Visor Helm to the Armory

- Adjusted volume scaling of whipcrack sound effects

- Fixed matchmaking bug that sometimes resulted in incorrect multiplayer match type

- Attempted fix for bug that prevents multiplayer match lobby menu from appearing properly

- Attempted fix for bug that occasionally allowed blocked projectiles to hit defending player

- Adjusted disconnection settings to prevent certain undesired timeouts

- Fixed bug that sometimes caused surrendered Best-of-3 matches to be considered unranked

- Fixed incorrect AI torso IK in Campaign menu preview animations

- Fixed bug causing Diamond II players to be listed as MAX RANK in menus

- Fixed bug causing Best-of-3 matches to be slightly overvalued when determining rank

- Added check to handle rare bug that caused certain Campaign classes to be blocked off

- Fixed bug causing incorrect Achievements to be awarded

- Charging up will now fire a Ninja ranged attack instead of canceling it

- Scourge ranged projectiles will now be destroyed when they hit (or emerge from) the ground

- Added a check to prevent ranged attacks from distant (e.g. thrown) weapons

- Fixed bug causing incorrect input to be recorded on left-handed bots


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