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v151 Update Notes

The latest minor update (v151) is now available! Here's the changelog:



- Adjusted Greatsword ranged attack to weaken "bullet"/"blaster" exploit

- Slight adjustments to Greatsword physics to weaken "wobble" attacks


- Extremely slight reduction to Rapier melee damage

- Extremely slight reduction to Buckler max health

- Adjusted input waypoint system to reduce abnormal motion


- Very slightly reduced arrow projectile speed

- Extremely slight increase to Staff two-handed rotational acceleration


- Added double-hit mechanic: if you haven't hit a spot on the enemy within 3 seconds, hitting it with both katars will do bonus damage.


- Very slight reduction to Heater Shield max health


- Removed all shield regeneration from melee blocking

- Slight increase to shield bar max health and regeneration speed

- Very slight reduction of twisting (blade turning) speed

- Extremely slight reduction of Scythe melee damage

- Extremely slight pushback of Scythe reload threshold

- Slight increase in strictness of Scythe edge alignment movement bonus


- Made it possible to break two-handed grip on Katana if hands are too far apart

- Extremely slight reduction to Katana rotational acceleration

- Slight reduction to Katana melee damage


- Slightly pushed back melee attack distance

- Adjusted damage of Warhammer hitboxes to a more even ratio (total damage unchanged)

- Adjusted targeting of Warhammer ranged attack to allow partial aiming


- Adjusted Parrying Dagger physics to slightly advantage thrusting over slashing motion

- Made Parrying Dagger ranged attack projectiles slightly more visible (thicker)

- Slightly reduced Glaive melee damage

- Extremely slight reduction to Glaive rotational acceleration

- Slight increase in strictness of Glaive edge alignment bonus


- Slightly reduced Whip melee damage

- Whips will now shrink during melee defense (to 2 segments)

- Whip reloads now check the position of a middle point on the whip instead of the tip

- Each whip's bonus whipcrack damage is now briefly reduced after a whipcrack


- Defenders will no longer take reduced damage if they are standing far forward

- Added 6 new & updated campaign bots (Kai, Kyrio, Seallord, SpikeyAaron, The Attacker, Bee)

- Major adjustments to physics and reload settings of some Sandbox weapons:

- Longsword

- Short Spear

- Mace

- War Axe

- Giant Sword

- (Note: these changes should not affect existing bots)

- Fixed minor stadium rendering bugs

- Made most weapon materials shinier

- Minor menu adjustments to prepare for Armory Update

- Changed appearance of Duelist's Buckler

- Made Balanced mode damage bonuses half as effective against shields

- Added link to privacy policy and analytics opt-out link to Options menu

- Turned off Balanced mode by default for new players

- Added new reload logic: Weapons that are broken while inside the reload area cannot be reloaded for at least 0.5s.


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